Qatar Securities Company (Q.S.C)

Since inception in 1997, QSC managed to provide distinguished services based on speed, flexibility, efficiency and transparency. Backed up by the unique expertise, competencies and up to date technology, QSC managed to establish a broad base of clients; individuals, institutions, International Brokers & funds. This led us to occupy a remarkable standing in the state of Qatar & GCC Region

Our Services & Competencies

As demanding as our industry can be, the opportunity to gain a competitive edge mustn’t be overlooked, therefore, QSC provides a full line of customizable services that meet local / International funds and institution needs.

·  Has been ranked one of the top three brokers in Qatar for the last 14 years

·  Market share by value of stocks traded, ranges daily between 35% to 40%

·  Diverse client base, including international brokers, local and foreign governmental agencies, international institutions & funds

·   Unrivalled  Experience in managing instructions of local and international institutions & funds.

·    Excel in managing “Special Terms Orders” received from international institutions & funds

·    Instant Customer on boarding

·    Trading in the MENA region facility

·    Competitive rebate commission rate.