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Almana Rotana harvests certifications of Under Laboratory Standards and British Standards


Almana Rotana, a joint venture of Almana Group, has been established since 2004 in Qatar with a clear objective to be the best carpentry and interior design shop in Qatar and the region.

Driven by its passion for creativity, high quality and best service to its customers, Almana Rotana has achieved great projects for the Government and Private sectors offering a wide range of services that include: Fire Rated Doors, Regular Doors, Furniture, Parquet, wood cladding, paint jobs, wardrobes, kitchens, exhibitions and events, hand crafting, office furniture and interior design solutions.

Since its start, Almana Rotana has delivered many successful projects across a wide range of clients who found in it a one stop shop for all their carpentry, furniture and interior design solutions. That is of course in addition to the private residential villas and houses.

As a reward to all these achievements, Almana Rotana is proud to announce today that it has been certified by International Standards : UL (Under Laboratory Standards/American) and the British Standards for the fire and non-fire rated doors. Unlike other contractors, Almana Rotana caters for more than 5 International Raw Wood material brands ex: Halspan, KINGSA, FIREBAN, Stripboard & Warm Spring.

“We are always keen to deliver the best safety standards to our clients and we ensure that our services are all certified and approved by International and Local standards. Our team has now been trained and certified not just only by International American and British standards but also by the Ministry of Environment and Industries in Qatar” said Mr. Rawad Sabra the General Manager of Almana Rotana. “Our industrial glory comes as a result of the passion for what we do round the clock and extraordinary talent and workmanship. We are dedicated to produce iconic deliverables that will wow our clients and competitors world-wide” he added. “ We are now one of very few contractors that work on Eco Friendly projects that are certified by US Green Buildings and that are ISO certified” he concluded.

Located in Industrial Area Street 29 door 47, Almana Rotana is always there to cater to all the needs of its clients and is very eager to continue to deliver state of the art designs, superb consulting and support solutions, 24/7 support to its clients and high quality products with a significant agility to work with all budgets.

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