Coca-Cola Almana Proudly Introduces the New Arwa Delight in Qatar

In May 2019, Coca-Cola Almana introduced the New Arwa Delight in the Qatari Market during the Holy Month of Ramadan. A subsidiary of Almana Group, Coca-Cola Almana is one of Qatar’s oldest and largest business entities with a portfolio that includes several internationally acclaimed brands.
Producing and importing Coca-Cola products such as Coke, Sprite, Fanta and
Arwa water and distribution of famous brands like Schweppes and Monster, Coca-Cola Almana continues to strive to introduce the best and most innovative products to the Qatari Market.
Arwa Delight is another unique, refreshing and exciting innovation from the Coca-Cola Company. It is water with a splash of flavor – namely Orange, Citrus Punch and Apple. It comes in the size of 1.5 Liter at a very competitive price.

Coca-Cola Almana purposefully launched this new product during the Holy Month of Ramadan as it is the perfect accompaniment during Iftar and meal occasions for the refreshing and light benefit that it offers.

“It is very important during the Holy Month that we try to keep our bodies hydrated during Iftar and Souhour “said Saud Almana, Chairman of Coca-Cola Almana and Vice Chairman of Almana Group. “We are so excited about this new product from Coca-Cola and we are so proud to introduce Arwa Delight to the Qatari Market. Drink Arwa Delight and Make Mealtimes Lighter” he concluded.

All 3 flavors of Arwa Delight are now available in all supermarkets and we encourage everyone in Qatar to try this new product as it gives a completely different experience to our perception of drinking water.