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Qatar Securities Company Qatar Securities Company

Qatar Securities Company

One of the major financial services/brokerage instituition State of Qatar, established in October 1997.


Helping clients meet their financing and investment goals.


Qatar Securities Company



Owned by well reputed business leaders and operated and managed by experienced & qualified professionals who have proven track record in capital/financial markets mainly in Qatar, GCC and MENA region.

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Qatar Securities Company

Our Clientele

We are one among the major brokers who maintain the largest clientele [NIN profile] in Qatar, and we offered services and products for all sorts of clients in financial markets such as :

  • Individual small scale local investors
  • High Net Worth [HNI] individuals
  • Corporate clients both local & foreign
  • Institutional Investors & Mutual Funds

Products we offer

All range of Qatar Exchange products we are offering to our various clients include:

  • Equities Listed in Qatar Exchange
  • Bonds & Treasury Bills
  • Qatar Index ETF
  • Liquidity providers [Subject to regulatory approval]

Services we offer

The range of service we offer include:

  • Smart execution of trades in the various type of orders
  • Professional brokers to handle all sorts of institutional orders
  • Well experience call centre staff to handle local customers orders
  • Online trading platform [ E Trade]
  • Mobile Applications for easy trade
  • FIX trade channels such Reuter, Bloomberg etc
  • Market Research platform
  • Attractive and competitive rebate commission to clients



Working Hours

Al Khaleej Insurance Building, Mezzanine Floor, Grand Hamad Avenue, Opp: Arab Bank

44255 255

8:00AM - 3:00PM Sunday to Thursday

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